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Let's Discuss: Advocating for a 20 mph E-Bike Speed Limit

Hey everyone,

I'm Paulina, a fellow e-bike and motorbike enthusiast with a geeky side that I proudly embrace. Riding has always been a passion of mine, and it's the freedom and thrill of the journey that keeps me going. Today, I'm here not just as a rider, but as someone who wants to make a difference in our community.

I'm reaching out to discuss and gather support for an initiative very close to my heart—advocating for an increase in the e-bike speed limit to 20 mph. It's a change that I believe can significantly enhance our riding experience, ensuring better safety and alignment with urban traffic speeds.

I've put together some thoughts and research on this topic, which you can explore in more detail on our dedicated website:

Read More & Join the Cause: 
And if you're already on board with this idea, your signature on our petition would mean the world to us:

✍️ Support by Signing Here

But more than just signatures, I'm here for your insights. Do you have any arguments, ideas, or facts that could bolster our cause? Your experiences and knowledge could greatly enrich our collective voice.

Additionally, I extend a special invitation to our forum administrators: If there's an official statement or insight you'd like to share on our platform, complete with a link back to this forum, I'd be thrilled to feature it. Collaboration with communities like ours can only strengthen our advocacy.

Thank you for considering this initiative and for any contributions you might have. Together, we can push for a safer and more enjoyable future for all e-bike riders.

Ride safe and stay inspired,

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